Cricut Autopress

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  • Auto-adjusts to materials up to 2 in (5 cm) thick with top-down pressing so materials do not shift
  • Control pod with four presets to reduce guesswork and maximize workflow
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Cricut Autopress

Introducing the perfect professional heat press made for home use. Merging commercial power with a sleek, home-friendly design, Cricut Autopress™ harnesses state-of-the-art automated features to help you make more in less time. Zero Effort™ operation lets you close the machine with just two fingers, and the handle’s motor does the rest. Dial in precise time & temp settings on the control pod to ensure consistent results, whether you’re working on a big-business production or a one-time passion project. Reaching up to 400°F (205°C), the ceramic-coated heat plate automatically adjusts to materials up to 2 in (5 cm) thick – that means no pressure adjustments required. The machine auto-releases when press is complete. Press with peace of mind as safety-conscious features like auto-off & certified temperature-rated plastics ensure a worry-free experience. Works with major brands of iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink™ & sublimation materials. Excellent complement to all Cricut cutting machines.

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Less effort.
More magic.

Your ultimate heat-transfer experience is here. Meet Cricut Autopress™, our most advanced heat press ever.


Find ideal time & temperature settings for your project in our Heat Guide.


Use two fingers to close the machine with Zero Effort™.


Once your machine releases, it’s time for your next project.



Open wide.

The extra-wide clearance minimizes accidental contact for a worry-free workflow.

Impressive, every time.

Perfectly even, edge-to-edge heat creates the ideal environment for professional heat transfers that really last.

Performs under pressure.

Cricut Autopress auto-adjusts to materials up to 2 in (5 cm) thick — like wood, leather & more.

Open sesame.

The machine opens automatically when it’s finished pressing, just like magic.

Built for batches.

Pump out a stack of totes or a batch of tees — it’s never been easier to produce more in less time.



  • 15 in x 12 in (38 cm x 30 cm) ceramic-coated heat plate
  • Zero Effort™ operation to close machine with ease & auto-release when pressing cycle is complete
  • Auto-adjusts to materials up to 2 in (5 cm) thick with top-down pressing so materials do not shift
  • Control pod with four presets to reduce guesswork and maximize workflow
  • Reaches temperatures up to 400 °F (205 °C) for iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink™ & sublimation projects
  • Safety features include auto-off after 13 minutes of inactivity & certified temperature-rated plastics
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Extra-wide clearance in open position
  • Dual voltage, use anywhere in the world
  • 1 year Warranty


Product will not function until activated using PC/Mac computer with USB port and internet connection.



Cricut Pressing Mat

This pressing mat is compatible with Cricut Autopress and Cricut EasyPress heat presses.

One pressing mat is included in the box with Cricut Autopress, and it is sold separately.


  • The unique patent-pending pressing mat contains all the layers found in Cricut EasyPress mats with an added layer of silicon to keep the mat from slipping.
  • The unique design eliminates the need for pressing pillows.
  • The pressing mat allows a user to align the project off the Cricut Autopress platen.
  • Move the mat and project to the machine all at once for perfectly positioned images.


Dial up your possibilities.

Reach up to 400°F (205ºC) to take on your iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink™, or sublimation projects.

Internal fan assists airflow to cool handle and other plastics while press is in use

Heat Guide

Our convenient online Heat Guide provides recommended time and temperature settings, as well as stacking, pressing, and care instructions for a variety of heat transfer projects with Cricut Autopress.


Recommended settings for time and temperature


Preparing for Cricut Autopress


Setup of Cricut Autopress

  • The Cricut Autopress box is approximately 30 in (76 cm) wide and has handles; these handles can be used by two people when lifting the 58 lbs (26.3 kg) parcel.
  • To open the box:
    • Set the box on its side, then slide the outer sleeve off.
    • Pull perforated tape strips from the bottom and sides of the box.
    • Open the lid.
    • With a partner, lift the machine from the box by the front handle and handhold the back of the machine.
  • Surfaces suitable for Cricut Autopress:
    • A firm, flat, sturdy surface that can support the weight of Cricut Autopress which is 53.2 lbs (24.13 kg).
    • Great examples you have at home: kitchen table or counter, wood table.
  • What to avoid:
    • Unstable or unsteady surfaces such as folding tables or TV trays.
  • Power Requirements
    • Cricut Autopress uses 120-240V – 50/60 Hz – 1300 W.


  • Cricut Autopress™ professional heat press
  • Pressing Mat
  • Control Pod
  • User Guide



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice & subject to availability


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