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Let’s get started, Upgrade kits are 3 to 4 components that consists of popular brands that our fellow gamers are well aware of. This includes the following CPU, Motherboard, RAM & CPU cooling (Liquid Cooling or fan Cooling) Choosing the best upgrade kit is very important to your first setup or even when upgrading to a better setup. The first item to look at in an upgrade kit is your Central processing unit (CPU). There are two CPU manufacturers AMD & Intel.

Intel is best known for developing the microprocessors found in most of the world’s personal computers. The multinational technology company is also the world’s largest manufacturer by revenue of semiconductor chips, a product used in most of the world’s electronic devices.

Intel® processor generations are identified in the processor number in all Intel® Core™ processor brands. In a four-digit processor number, the first digit typically represents the generation. For example, a processor with the digits 9800 is a 9th gen processor, while one labeled 8800 is 8th gen technology.

AMD is a global company that specializes in manufacturing semiconductor devices used in computer processing. The company also produces flash memories, graphics processors, motherboard chip sets, and a variety of components used in consumer electronics goods.

The AMD Ryzen family is an x86-64 microprocessor family from AMD, based on the Zen microarchitecture. The Ryzen lineup includes Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9, and Ryzen Threadripper with up to 64 cores.

AMD CPU and Intel CPU

The next item you should have a proper look at is your motherboard.

A motherboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer system. It holds together many of the crucial components of a computer, including the central processing unit (CPU), memory and connectors for input and output devices.

What to consider when buying a motherboard.

Form Factor
Initially you’ll need to select a form factor. ATX motherboards are common, as is micro ATX (although these are smaller in size and reduce the number of expansions slots). When you’re buying a new motherboard and not sure what size will fit, you can always measure your old motherboard and compare it with different sizes. The ATX board is popular, as it has the addition of more expansion slots, which can be useful.

If you buy a motherboard with features already built in, you don’t have to worry about buying additional expansion cards. A more common feature which is usual included on the majority of motherboards is on-board audio. However this is usually only suitable for mid-range speakers. It is worth noting that better motherboards often bundle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features as well, but you’ll have to spend more cash for these features. Nevertheless they will reduce the need for expansion cards.

ASUS Motherboards


RAM (Random Access Memory)
Next up, RAM, short for Random Access Memory. Fundamentally the motherboard you buy will determine the amount and type of RAM you can have. Therefore it’s worth being mindful of this before making a decision buying a motherboard. Consequently, we would recommend choosing a motherboard that can accommodate at least 16 GB, even though if you don’t plan to buy that much initially, you have the option to use this memory later. In addition, look for a board that offers 4 or more memory slots. This means you can install 2 RAM modules to begin and you will have spare room for memory upgrades in future.

Trident Z RAM
Trident Z RAM
Trident Z RAM

Best Upgrade kits EKD Online South Africa

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